Do you have DACA? do not miss these tips

Accion Diferida Daca

  Dear friends, this is a difficult time. Remember that the president does not change until January 20. We will have more information in the days ahead, but for now, here are some tips for young people with DACA. 1. Those with DACA should keep renewing. They are already in your system so there is […]

Talking to Attorney Jessica Piedra: Tax Time!

Laptop with Tax time text on screen

  It is tax time again! Are you ready? Everyone in the United States is supposed to file a tax return – no matter their immigration status. The most important thing is to always tell the truth and to give the same information to each government agency. Taxes can be important evidence in your immigration […]

Speaking with Attorney Jessica Piedra: Options for Military Families

Mother and Child holding American Flag

Serving your country in the military can bring benefits to your immigrant family members. Today, nearly half of active-duty service members have families of their own. They should not have to worry about being separated from them. Therefore, there are special programs for military families. Citizenship can be faster for the person serving. Permanent residence […]

How Kansas City’s Mexican Immigrants Are Responding To New Administration

Attorney Jessica Piedra

    With the new administration’s immigration orders and the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall, tensions have been on the rise. To get a sense of how Kansas City’s Mexican immigrant communities are feeling right now, we check in with a DACA student, the head consul of Mexico in Kansas City, and an immigration lawyer.   […]

Marriage and the U visa / Marriage and the U visa

Marriage and the U visa!

Hello friends, we all know that the waiting time for U visa applications has been getting longer and longer. The waiting time from application to permanent residence can be more than ten years and is getting longer. Many things can change in a decade. […]