Daca or Marriage

As the future of DACA remains unclear, it is a good time to look at all of your options. We are pushing the DREAM Act to provide a path to citizenship for DACA youth. But, even if it passed today, it could take over a decade to become a US citizen through the DREAM Act. Family options may provide a quicker route.

Many DACA recipients are adults with long-term partners. If you are considering marriage, it might be time to speed up your timeline. There are two ways to obtain permanent residency (a “green card”) through marriage to a US Citizen. Your path depends on your immigration history.

If you entered legally (with a visa or travel permit), you may be eligible for adjustment of status. This is the easier route and the biggest hurdle is paying the immigration fees. For adjustment of status, you would not have to leave the country, and you would receive your new work permit three-four months after filing. The whole process takes about a year and involves an interview here at the Kansas City immigration office.

If you do not have a legal entry, it is a bit more complicated. It is likely you will have to leave the US and finish processing in your home country. Most of our clients need a waiver also because they have been in the United States without papers as an adult. This waiver can be filed while you are still in the US. If you applied for DACA before turning 18, it is possible you do not even need the waiver. This process takes one-two year. You can even avoid the waiver if you apply for an Advance Parole travel permit based on DACA.  We can help you with the entire process! 

If you have DACA and have a US Citizen or legal permanent resident partner, make an appointment to explore your options. You could become a permanent resident before your DACA runs out. Don’t wait to make a plan for your family. Call us at 816-895-6363.

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