I-912, Request for Fee WaiverDid you know that you can save money on your application with the immigration service? At the Law Office of Jessica Piedra, we always check to see if our clients are eligible for a fee waiver for their cases.  A fee waiver is applicable for the following cases: Citizenship, Renewal of Permanent Residency, VAWA, and U Visas. 

If approved, both the application filing fee and biometrics fee will be waived, and you will pay $0. However, to qualify for the fee waiver, you must demonstrate to the U.S. government that you are unable to pay the filing fee due to one or more of the following reasons:

First, your total annual household income is below a certain level proved by your taxes; Second, you or a household member (spouse or children) receive public assistance such as Medicaid or food stamps; or Third, you have financial hardships (such as large medical expenses or unemployment). If you prove any of these facts, USCIS will approve your fee waiver application, saving you hundreds of dollars! 

Many lawyers do not bother with fee waiver applications for their clients, as they see it as a waste of time.  At the Law Office of Jessica Piedra, we look for every opportunity to assist our clients – we check for fee waiver eligibility and explain other programs that may help our clients, such as community organizations and public assistance programs.  This is just one of the many reasons to call us at 816-895-6363 to schedule a consultation with attorney Jessica Piedra.

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