Guatemalan family reunited after 12 years

In late 2019, a potential client called the Law Office of Jessica Piedra for help. His wife had already been in Guatemala for 10 years, with little chance of returning to the United States. She had received a 10-year bar from entering the country after her consular case was denied.

He had tried to resolve his case desperately. They applied for a waiver, but, unfortunately, it was also denied. He wanted to hug his family again.

Attorney Jessica Piedra then told him that we could help him with his immigration case. Our now client felt very hopeful because this meant he could see his wife and son again.

We first emailed the National Visa Center (NVC) to let them know that the wife and children no longer needed a waiver (the 10-year ban had expired). We also requested that they be assigned a new appointment at the consulate.

Not only that, but we updated their forms, checked the passports to verify that they were current, and made the final arrangements to schedule the appointment. By June 2021, the NVC advised that the clients would not need a waiver and were eligible for a visa.

We then proceeded to schedule a medical appointment for the mother and son, whilst preparing the packets to be presented at the consulate. Next step, our client took them to Guatemala to be the translator for the appointment with his wife and son, since she speaks another dialect.

RESULT: Our client’s wife and son were approved! Three weeks later, they were given their passports with their visas. The family was together again! 

Do you have a similar case? At the Law Office of Jessica Piedra, we can help you! Call us now at 816-895-6363 or reach out to us via Facebook to schedule an appointment with the attorney. She will tell you what possibilities you have to improve your immigration status in the country. Call us now!

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