How to apply for Asylum?

There are different ways in which a person can apply for an asylum case. Attorney Jessica Piedra explains important points to consider in the Asylum process in case you are eligible.

  1. “¿Who can apply for asylum?”
  2.   “People who are afraid to return to their country either because they are persecuted by their government or by a person/group that their government cannot control.”


  1. “¿Can you give us some examples?”
  2. “Sure – like Venezuelans/Nicaraguans/Peruvians – because of problems with their government. Hondurans/Guatemalans/Salvadorans – usually more out of fear of gangs and also  domestic violence. Both are valid reasons to apply.”


  1. “¿When does someone have to start seeking legal representation and hire an immigration lawyer?”
  2. “As soon as possible. I understand that it is difficult to be a newcomer, but at least schedule a consultation to get advice on how you can proceed. We have been seeing that several people have been ordered deportation in their preliminary courts because they waited too long to act.” 


  1. “¿How can you start an asylum application process?”
  2. “First, we prepare the form. It is not necessary to have much evidence at this point. The important thing is to put it in to have a defense against deportation and make time start running for your work permit. Five months later, the whole family can apply for work permits and a social security number. The final hearing to present evidence would be 2-3 years in the future. There is time to gather evidence or find another way to fix your status.”


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