Tired of spending thousands of dollars and your immigration case is still not moving forward? If you have been waiting for a resolution of your immigration status for years and your current lawyer stopped answering your calls. You can change your lawyer even if your case has already been sent to immigration!

Don’t be afraid! You have the right of access to your case file. The new lawyer will help you request your file and send the G-28 form to immigration to appear as attorney of record in your case.

There are many people who seek our services to transfer their case with us as they have been waiting years for a response to resolve their immigration status and their lawyer has stopped communicating with them.

I am attorney Jessica Piedra and I have helped people who, like you, have waited years to fix
their legal status in this country.

Don’t wait any longer, we can help you! Call us at 816-895-6363, we will explain step by step
how to transfer your case with us.

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