Two man shaking hands after having a legal consultation

Let’s say you have a legal situation and need a lawyer. What should you do first? After researching on your own and asking friends and family for referrals, a legal consultation with your next attorney is the next step to take. You arrange a time and place, and you meet with this attorney for a consultation.

But what is a legal consultation itself? It is a legal conference between you and an attorney that allows you to determine if this legal professional is the right one to help you with your case. During the consultation, you and the attorney lay the groundwork for what could be a long-term working relationship. In addition, you can establish expectations and discuss the details of the case, such as the steps to take and the attorney’s fee to be charged.

At the Law Office of Jessica Piedra, attorney consultations are of great importance because it allows the attorney and her entire team to get a good idea of what your case is about. Throughout the appointment, the attorney will ask you certain questions that she needs to know the answers to in order to draw her legal conclusions. Likewise, you can clear your doubts by sharing your questions and concerns with the attorney.

In addition to this, through legal consultation, the attorney is able to tell you whether you really have a chance of getting what you are looking for from a legal standpoint. If so, she will show you the legal path to follow, and together you will envision a good outcome for your case. Therefore, without legal consultation, it would definitely be very complicated for Jessica Piedra to help you.

That said, if you believe you have an immigration case and would like to discuss it with the attorney, call us as soon as possible at (816) 895-6363 to schedule your legal consultation with Jessica Piedra. You can also visit our official Facebook page for the latest immigration news and benefits.

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