We win difficult cases!

Our team fought hard on three difficult cases of  Permanent Residence.  Attorney Jessica Piedra guided all three applicants to successfully win their interviews.


The first case involved an older couple who had dated in their teens and later reunited about 15 years ago. They had several difficulties answering questions about dates, but were able to overcome them and impress the panel.

The second case was a father whose son had applied for him. Despite requesting the rescheduling of the previous interview, his request was denied for not attending. Our legal team prepared a letter to reopen the case and the interview was rescheduled. However, the officer insisted that the case be denied and that they had to reapply. Attorney Piedra stood her ground that someone had already decided to reopen it and we should move forward. The supervisor agreed and said that the interview was not necessary and approved the case!

The third case was a client who came to the US alone from Mexico when he was only 15 years old. Our team helped him obtain DACA and then an Advance Parole travel document to visit his family after a decade. Due to some tragedy in his family, he had some legal troubles and was disqualified from DACA. We filed for his residency through his US citizen wife, but it was denied due to his legal issues. We resubmitted his case and it was easily approved as the officer saw that his problems were in the past! Now they can enjoy life with their 2-year-old daughter!

Our next success story could be yours! Call us at (816) 895-6363 if you would like more information on how to improve your immigration situation.

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