Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, what is it?

The Special Immigrant Juvenile Status is a program for young immigrants living in this country without their parents. Attorney Jessica Piedra explains more about this program.

  1. “There are many young immigrants here in the United States  without their parents, what options do they have to adjust their status?”
  2. “The government recognizes that their lives are difficult. They can apply for a program called “Special Immigrant Juvenile Status” and it can result in their residency!”
  3. “What are the steps to apply?”
  4. “First, schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney. When we determine whether they qualify or not, we connect them with a family law attorney to obtain a court order stating that at least one parent has abandoned them. When we have this, we can proceed to apply with immigration.”
  1. “Can only young people without both parents apply or can single parents help their children?”
  2. “Single parents can help their children now too! With this we can obtain the custody order. If it is an aunt or some other relative, it is a guardian order.”
  1. “Is there a risk to the adult involved?
  2. “Not at all, there is no risk for them. Your immigration status does not matter for family court, nor does immigration care.”
  1. “Is it only for those who are in deportation court?”
  2. “No, any young person can apply. This is a good option for young people who can’t get DACA right now or really any undocumented young person who is in the United States without both parents.”

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