What’s U Visa?

What’s U Visa? The U Visa is for individuals who have been victims of certain crimes in the U.S. and have assisted in the investigation. This is demonstrated through certification from the police or prosecutor. Gerald Sorensen, a new addition to our team and former prosecutor in Kansas City, MO, reviews these certifications. He is […]

Que es la visa U?

¿Que es la visa U?  La Visa U es para personas que han sido víctimas de ciertos delitos en los EE. UU. y han ayudado con la investigación.  Esto se demuestra con una certificación de los policías o el fiscal.  El abogado Gerald Sorensen – nuevo en nuestro equipo – era fiscal en Kansas City, […]

Importance of a Legal Consultation

Two man shaking hands after having a legal consultation

Let’s say you have a legal situation and need a lawyer. What should you do first? After researching on your own and asking friends and family for referrals, a legal consultation with your next attorney is the next step to take. You arrange a time and place, and you meet with this attorney for a […]

USCIS Offices Will Remain Open

USCIS Offices Will Remain Open

As positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the new year, USCIS confirmed that all USCIS offices will be open with extra precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. In areas with the highest number of infections, the agency is encouraging all employees, visitors, and contractors to wear a mask inside federal buildings and […]

Efficient Teamwork Gets Your Immigration Case Filed!

Immigration Law - Law Office of Jessica Piedra

Obtaining immigration benefits can be slow and frustrating. The Law Office of Jessica Piedra has a team of over 30 professionals who work together to get your immigration-related case filed within a month.  Each one of our team members performs special tasks that, when combined, make an efficient system. You can start your case by […]