Jessica Piedra


I enjoy working with a diverse group of people from all across Latin America. The way the office is organized helps maximize the attention we give to clients and assures that a quality service is offered to them.

Management Team

I love to work with the Attorney Jessica Piedra and all her team because we are like a family from different parts of the world who work for one same goal: your satisfaction and peace of mind. Also I love to work with Jessica Piedra because she is very honest and has fought for the rights of the latin community for many years.

I really enjoy working with the firm and knowing that the service we provide makes a difference in the lives of so many immigrant families living in the US. That's the most rewarding part of the job. I am very grateful to work with a disciplined and dedicated advocate to the immigrant community. I admire attorney Piedra's commitment and her continuous work to defend the rights of immigrants and keeping families together. I feel lucky to be part of a diverse team that provides quality service to clients.

Spain-El Salvador

For me, the most important thing in a job is continuous learning, opportunities to grow professionally, and being able to help others with my work. Being part of Jessica's team, I feel like I am meeting each of those goals. In addition, there is an excellent work environment where we all help each other.

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I love working with Attorney Jessica Piedra because of her dedication to her clients. I have the opportunity to be a part of her journey and I get the witness people's lives transform.

Legal Assistants

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I love the firm organization. It is essential for immigration cases to help achieve people's goals and dreams. I am honored to be part of this life changing process for all our clients.

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I am passion-driven, goal-oriented, with an ambition to challenge the immigration system who seeks to dehumanize and criminalize our hard-working communities. I saw those qualities in Jessica Piedra and admire her determination. I love working in a community who’s passionate about helping our working class communities and Jessica Piedra embodies just that.

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I love working with Jessica because of the dedication and drive she has for changing people’s lives. I enjoy working with people that have such diverse and unique backgrounds, as well as a firm that is organized and detail oriented, which helps everyone be successful in their roles.

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Working with Jessica Piedra has been a rewarding experience. Her integrity, drive, and leadership is inspiring and motivating. It has been a pleasure to witness Jessica’s passion for the immigrant community. She has created a safe place, where those of us that share the same passion, can thrive to make a difference in the lives of others, all while accomplishing our career goals. I look forward to witnessing the reunification of families and the impact made on immigrants' lives because of Jessica and her law firm's work.

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First of all, I am grateful for the opportunity that Attorney Piedra has given me and that shows how she tried to help people since she gives young people like me the opportunity to learn about a law as important as Immigration Law. She is an attorney who cares about the well-being of people and keeping families together. Something that I admire about Attorney Piedra is her dedication to defending the rights of immigrants. That is something that not all lawyers do.

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Since I can remember. I have helped my mom in her office. Our family went through this process and now I get to help other families. I especially like when we do big events like helping other teenagers apply for DACA. I am proud of my mom. I remember her being in Law school and we struggled a lot.

Administrative Assistants

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I am excited to experience a new era and continue to work with the immigrant community to help keep families together.

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I like the fact of being part of a company that helps the people to make their dreams come true, to reunite families and help them to see each other after so many years. And helping in a small part of this process is what I love the most.

I love working with Jessica Piedra because I enjoy being part of a team dedicated to reuniting families. At Jessica Piedra's office we are all one big family, and it shows in the dedication and care that each one of us performs in our daily work. It fills me with pride to be able to contribute my grain of sand in each case we see.

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I love helping others and if I could help others to accomplish their dreams, working with Jessica Piedra is the right place to be.

Virtual Assistants

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I really like working with a multidisciplinary team, where each of us plays an important role within the company, there is an excellent work environment, all my colleagues are collaborators and seek continuous improvement in the company. It makes me happy to know that with my work I help the Latino community that lives in the United States of America.

I love working with a diverse and highly trained team that helps the Latino community understand their needs and provides the best solutions and services for immigrants. Working with Jessica Piedra in a good environment with the same goal of helping is excellent.

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I love to be able to help people change their lives and feel secure living in this country by improving their lives by having more opportunities

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I love feeling a sense of belonging and liking the people you work with and also being able of contributing to a larger purpose, such as keeping families together. The Company culture is great, and I feel a lot of personal development and growth.