TPS Updates!  

Attention TPS holders and Venezuelans that entered prior to July 31, 2023 – Now is the time for action!  Many of you have had TPS or Temporary Protected Status for almost twenty years.  The previous president tried to cancel the program, but now it is back and you must renew!

The TPS – or Temporary Protected Status program – gives protection from deportation and a work permit to people who qualify.  Many people with TPS can also request a travel authorization document to visit their home country or anywhere in the world.   Historically, it is valid for only 18 months at a time and must be renewed in a 60 day period.  However, this time is different.  The time is now to renew – these are the time frames: 

The re-registration period under the TPS is open NOW for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela (see below).

The time has been extended because many people may not have known they needed to renew!  President Trump tried to cancel the TPS program, but a court ruling kept it open and automatically extended the work authorization cards.  Last year, President Biden officially re-designated the countries for TPS and opened the new re-registration program.  If you have TPS, you MUST RE-REGISTER! 

VENEZUELANS: If you were approved for TPS in 2021, you will need to RE-REGISTER between January 10, 2024 and March 10, 2024.  This is very important!  Your work permit will only be automatically extended if you re-register on time!   If you have not been approved for TPS, and you arrived in the US prior to July 31, 2023, you can apply for TPS for the FIRST TIME! 

Persons with TPS can request a travel permit.

Often, travel outside the US is the key to future, more permanent options like a green card.   We may be able to close your previous deportation case as well. 

Don’t risk your future with a notario!  Hire a respected lawyer that will analyze your options and provide full service for your case.  Our firm is with you from the start to the finish! Call us at (816) 895-6363! 

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