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We all know Immigration-related cases can take a while, especially after the pandemic. Have you heard about the U Visa? This is a non-immigrant application that allows crime victims to legally live and work in the United States. This is a great option as it increases their opportunities to stay in the US. 

However, it is a very long process. Previously, it would take five to six years to obtain a work permit for applicants, and nine years for immigration to officially approve the visa.

 But we have some good news! President Biden announced recently that the government will be reviewing the pending applications to issue a new work permit named the “Bona Fide Determination”. 

With this benefit, applicants will get a 4-year work permit approximately one year after they apply. They will be able to work and provide for their families, get a driver’s license, a Social Security Number, and will not have to worry about deportation.

How to get the work permit?

More good news? You can now add your spouse to your case after it is filed. Previous regulations suggested that they could only be incorporated at the beginning of the process. Now, if you get married after sending your application, you can both enjoy the new benefits of the U Visa! 

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