In recent months, new updates on how to obtain a U visa in our area. Attorney Jessica Piedra answers some questions to clarify doubts on the subject.


“Are there new opportunities to get a U visa?”

  1. “Yes, what’s new in our area is that it is now possible to get a certification for crimes that happened in Kansas City, KS. For years, the police refused to sign, but now there are possibilities.”


  1. What are the changes?
  2. “Activist groups managed to de charge the police chief. Now that there is a new boss, they are more open to signing. Also, there is a new prosecutor in Wyandotte County who wants to help us too.”


  1. What does it mean for our community?
  2. New opportunities, of course! If you tried to get a U visa in KCK but were denied or told by a lawyer that it was not possible, now we can try again with more and new hope of success. Call us to review your case again to see if we can proceed.


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