USCIS Offices Will Remain Open

As positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the new year, USCIS confirmed that all USCIS offices will be open with extra precautions to prevent the spread of the disease.

In areas with the highest number of infections, the agency is encouraging all employees, visitors, and contractors to wear a mask inside federal buildings and to follow local guidance for each location regarding physical distancing and protection in the workplace.

As a result of the most recent infections, many government and non-government offices have been forced to close their doors until further notice. This has slowed down the day-to-day operations of U.S. residents.

However, the fact that USCIS decided to continue working is good news as the government will continue to review the immigration cases that are submitted daily and are still pending.

This also means that we will be able to continue to help you prepare your case to be sent to immigration for review. If you do not already have a case with us, you can call us at 816-895-6363 to get started now.

We at the Law Office of Jessica Piedra encourage you to follow these preventative measures of social distancing and self-care to overcome this new wave of COVID-19 and therefore avoid more contagions and deaths in the population.

If you have a case with us, we invite you to call us before visiting our facility: 816-895-6363. We have a team fully dedicated to resolving your questions and requirements to help make your case a success.

Call us now at 816-895-6363 and schedule your telephone appointment with attorney Jessica Piedra to begin your immigration case as soon as possible.

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