What’s U Visa?

The U Visa is for individuals who have been victims of certain crimes in the U.S. and have assisted in the investigation. This is demonstrated through certification from the police or prosecutor. Gerald Sorensen, a new addition to our team and former prosecutor in Kansas City, MO, reviews these certifications. He is now part of our team working for you.

Family members of the victim can also apply. If the victim is over 21, their spouse and children qualify. If they are under 21, their parents also qualify. A spouse or other family member can be added later.

Official approvals are coming in for cases filed in 2016, which means around 8 years. If you file now, it may take 10 to 15 years to receive a final decision. Choosing a lawyer to accompany you on this long journey is crucial. If your case is pending, it’s possible to change your lawyer. It is always your right to choose who represents you.

Applying for a U visa is worthwhile because it provides immediate protection. The government will later review your application to make a “good faith determination” and issue a four-year work permit. Applications submitted in 2018 are receiving these conditional approvals, and more recent cases are also receiving them. You can renew it while waiting for the official decision. Many immigration issues, such as multiple entries, deportations, and the use of false documents, can be forgiven in the U Visa process.

In the end, you can apply three years after the official approval of the U Visa. Sometimes, you can apply earlier if you have citizen relatives.

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